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One of my passions in life and the way I express myself is through designing and creating jewelry. I started when I was in college studying industrial design. I took a handcrafts course where I learned how to work with silver. Then I took glass classes although I was never realy fond of it.

The material I've always liked and the one I`ve made more experiments with is resin. I love it because of the ammount of colors and shapes you can make.

Ventana Violeta was born in fabruary 2006. I've been enjoying and loving my work ever since. The pieces that I make are basically worked in polyester resin, combined with other materials. I use techniques such as encapsulating, inserts of natural quartz and swarovsky stones. Some of my most resent collections are made of acrilic with an application of polychrome varnish.

The pieces that I produce are totally handcrafted. I design and create each piece as well as the molds, which is why they are so exclusive and unique.
   ® Nelly Vazquez 2013